2019 has been an amazing year so far where I have continued to follow my passions from 2018’s spirituality teachings, artistic inspirations and mental health awareness.


Next month, my movement will bring me to Peru in the Sacred Valley of Cusco to host a spiritual wellness retreat for 10 amazing guests for 8 nights. Here I will be sharing the techniques and teachings I have learned over the past few years that have been so successful with my personal well being.

After I will continue solo to embark on following my artistic passion to create a new body of work inspired from the culture and nature of South America.


This past summer I really connected with nature and have been creating pieces that have this new nature narrative. Among the raw emotion style of background, I incorporate elements of nature such as leaves and flowers into the painting to make the painting grow with beauty as resembled in my own personal life.

Peru, Chile, and Colombia are all on my pathway to inspire in creating stories in each piece through the surrounding culture, landscapes, people and nature. The body of work will have continuous dialogues to share with the viewer.

Please join me on this journey as an international artist. I hope that my nature narratives resonate deep within and spark an emotion in you as it has in me. I am excited to see what South America has in store for me and what it inspires me to create.

Stay tuned as I will be documenting my travels and experiences. Much love to you all with many blessings and thank you for being a part of my movement.