For those who know me, I am someone who has struggled with mental illness for many years. I have tried many forms of therapies and medication that have had varied amounts of success. However there has been 2 things that have worked wonders for me and those are art and spirituality.

After years of much pain and turmoil I found a Buddhist monk who introduced me to spirituality and the technique of mindful meditation. This practice has had major benefits to all areas of my life including my creativity. My art became revived again after years of creative absence and my passion has reached a new high. However my improved health, happiness and passion levels I feel are only the tip of the iceberg.

Which brings me to my next journey.....


I have researched the health benefits of plant medicine that retreats in Peru have to offer and I feel this natural form of medicine from Mother Earth is what will help me overcome the many obstacles that have blocked me from reaching my full potential of happiness, love and creativity. For those unaware of the known benefits of plant medicines such as ayahuasca can be best described by Dr. Charles Grob, M.D., a professor of psychiatry and pediatrics at UCLA’s School of Medicine. He states, “You come back with images, messages, even communications. You’re learning about yourself, reconceptualizing prior experiences. Having had a profound psycho-spiritual epiphany, you’re not the same person you were before.”

Ayahuasca is a very strong medicine and needs to be administered at a safe place by trained shamans and there is risk involved but without risk will be no reward. What is my reward? To be able to come home free of ego, attachments and full control of my emotion in addition to vivid artistic ideas and concepts.

In Peru the indigenous people in the Amazon rainforest are known as Shipibo. They also have their own style of art which is very colourful and precise line work designs. It is through ayahuasca that many of these designs are created from. I have been brainstorming new ideas for my art and incorporating the Shipibo style to mine is something I am excited I am very excited to share with you all.

So I would love for you all to join me on this journey so that I can share my experiences with you, both spiritually and artistically. If I can inspire someone for positive change in their life or create something that brings joy to their life then this journey will be a huge success for me.

My birthday is at the end of the month so I plan to start at an ayahuasca retreat for a week where I will be painting after my ayahuasca ceremonies. From there I will then be painting for a week while camping in the Andes Mountains and then finishing off painting on the beach at the ocean. I plan to incorporate the surrounding nature elements and my new precision abstract style to create many pieces for a new exhibition.

I will be posting and adding as many updates with blog post, videos and images of my experiences and art that I am creating. I will be sending you all an invite to my upcoming exhibition in March as well. Thank you for your support in my pursuit for happiness and creativity. Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions that you may have.

Much love,

Ryan Joseph


Ryan Joseph was recently featured by HEART OF COOL which is an Art, fashion and lifestyle brand that inspires consumers to be more authentic and challenges brands to be more innovative in the Art of Life. The article written by Cristen M. Mills, discussed how Ryan Joseph discovered peace, love and happiness through fine art.

Thank you Cristen for being a motivating visionary to help spark positive awareness across the globe. To read the full feature click on the image below and be sure to follow HEART OF COOL here to keep up to date on their incredible work:



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